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Tournament preferences of players

Most of the top tennis players are very anxious about their strengths as the season progresses. When they enter a mediocre tournament, they can use it as a springboard to prepare for more prestigious competitions. Here we must also take into account the need to protect ranking points.

In such cases, the leaders may treat the matches with half responsibility, thereby giving the outsiders a better chance of success. It is not uncommon for leaders to "lose" matches in tournaments that are not part of their plans in the early stages, losing to a less well-known and skillful player.

By determining the fact of the favorite's lack of motivation, you can get dividends from the prediction of his defeat.


Tennis is an extremely injury prone sport. Only a few can go through the season without injury, and these cases are extremely rare.

The return of the leader to the tour after an injury should also attract the attention of predictors. As a rule, some of them use low-rated tournaments in order to gain playing and physical form. In such matches, the favorites do not risk their health for fear of an injury relapse, but bookmakers have no right not to put him in the line as a contender to win.


This criterion is mostly applicable to the women's tour. At times, women find it extremely difficult to come out of a psychological pit. It can be associated with an offensive defeat in the finals, a long series of unsuccessful duels, problems of a personal nature.

Not being able to fully concentrate on the court, the favorite can "lose" a match to a less ranked and famous rival, the odds on the victory of which are several times higher.

The ability to calculate these moments of access with constant monitoring of tennis news, interviews, results and watching matches in the video broadcasts.

Bottom line

The theory of playing against the favorite in tennis clearly has the right to exist. Relying on his experience, capabilities and ability to conduct pre-match analysis, a player can apply it to a successful game.

Given the fact that modern bookmakers Parimatch download cover tennis extensively in their lines, this strategy can be applied in different variations. For example, the failure of the favorite in the match can be reinsured by betting with a bribe on the outsider's handicap. In the course of the meeting you can wait for the moment and profitable reinsure your bet, because quotes for the loss of the favorite can reach a rate of 7.00 - 8.00.

Having determined one or more of the above factors, it is possible to play a sensational result. Even if such a prediction passes in one case out of three, the bettor gets a plus figure to the bank.