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Getting ahead of ourselves: we are going to talk about the men's tennis association. The principle of calculating the rating in the women's tour is the same, but there are small differences, which we want to tell you about.

Let's start with the simplest one

On the men's tour there are two rating systems:

  • The Emirates ATP Rankings.
  • The Emirates ATP Rankings Race to London.

Let's talk about what exactly these rankings are responsible for and what they are for in general. Let's go in order. The Emirates ATP Rankings call the current rankings. It is recalculated every week from week 1 to week 52. That's how long a season lasts on the ATP Tour.

Based on this ranking, players qualify for different kinds of competitions. For example, a player from the second hundred cannot even qualify for an ATP 500 tournament, while a player from the top 30 enters the main draw there directly. All this once again emphasizes the importance of ranking in tennis Parimatch 2021.

Seeding at a tournament is determined by a tennis player's ranking. Let's say there are nine players from the top 10 in the world and Murray isn't there because of injury. That's when all players who are lower in the rankings than the top player missing the tournament would be seeded one position higher. If Nishikori is ninth in the world and Andy Murray (who is conventionally sixth in the rankings), then Kei will be seeded eighth.

  • The Emirates ATP Rankings Race to London (or as it's otherwise known, the Champion's Race). It's a little simpler. This ranking shows the results of players exclusively in the current season. Based on this rating, the eight best tennis players will qualify for the Final Tournament, where huge prize money is offered. At the start of the new season, the rankings are reset.

The championship race shows results without any reference to past results. This ranking has no effect on a tennis player's seeding. The goal of The Emirates ATP Rankings Race to London is to determine the players who are worthy of going to London for the final tournament.