» 150% credit earned when SURF from 8PM (GMT+7) - 8AM (GMT+7) every day.

You can get this message when running SURF, this could be a serious notice but can not be so. First of all, you should check out some of the following cases:

  • Link is incorrect, please check your link SURF carefully.
  • You are SURFing on a blocked IP address.
  • You are SURFing too much windows (tabs) for one account or many different accounts on the same IP.
  • You are use robot/auto software of any kind or try to SURF in a pop up/exit pop/pop in/pop under window.
  • Your account is locked or suspended.

Please read Terms of Use carefully and all necessary instructions in FAQ.
If you have special requirements please contact us via email address: help@autosurf.vn